Selecting a plot :
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Plot Selection
We are presenting valuable Vastu tips or vasthu guidelines for your information, at first no one find that these vastu tips may be valuable, but if we done any mistake in selecting the plot or house, then only we know the value of these valuable vastu tips. It is strongly recommended that donít execute these vastu shastra tips without having a suggestion from an best expert vastu consultant, these vastu tips are only for your information, idea and knowledge on Indian vastu shastra. Vaasthu tips may be elaborately developed in coming days. Tips and techniques on Vastu for Home, Vastu for Office, Vastu for House, Vastu for Factory etc may also be available in this section.
First avoid of buying Black clay soil areas, if so or otherwise the foundations will be so weak and the construction cannot stand long time. If the structure disturbs or cracks developed to the walls then vastu / positive power cannot works, please always remember this vastu tip. Once again I am informing you if the construction is NOT healthy vastu cannot works. If any body approaching Vaastu Pandit (Pundit) for each and every property purchases, he will be the winner in future. Approaching Vasthu expert is not a mistake, he takes only one time fee, but residents will enjoy the Vaasthu positive power and they enjoy the peace and fruits of vastu shastra blessings lifelong. It is better, search for one expert vastu shastra pundit and request him to visit your interested property, only with his guidance there after take the decision to buy or leave that property and search for another one, this is the perfect procedure.

If there is no ground water first avoid buying that plot.

The Below Types of  Plots are Inauspicious

1. Oval type plots
2. Triangular plots
3. Unshaped plots which are cut at Eshan ( North-east) corner.
4. Round shaped plots.
5. Polygonal plots.
6. Rounded north-east corner plots.
7. Plots which is having raising (increasing) at Agneya (Southeast) corner.
8. Plots which is increasing at vayavya(northwest) corner.
9. Heavy raising at southwest corner plots.
10. Heavy digs at southwest corners.
11. South to North at west side higher than the south to north at east side plots.
12. More slope from north to south side plots or sites.
13. More slope from east to west side plots.
14. Heavy digs at south side plots.
15. Heavy sump at west side plots.
16. Mountains at north side plots.
17. Heavy rocks at east side plots.
18. Heavy mountain stones at Eshan side plots.
19. River at south side plots.
20. River at west side plots.
21. River at southwest side plots.
22. Heavy buildings or apartments at north side plots.
23. Heavy buildings at east side plots.
24. Heavy buildings at Eshan side plots.
25. Two sides i.e., either north & south sides or east & west sides apartment plots.
26. Slope from Eshan to Southwest (Nairuthi) corner plots.
27. More open space at south side than north side plot.
28. More open space at west side than east side plot