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Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun in our solar system. It is the second-largest planet in our solar system (Jupiter is the largest). It has beautiful rings that are made mostly of ice chunks (and some rock) that range in size from the size of a fingernail to the size of a car. Saturn is made mostly of hydrogen and helium gas.

Saturn is a servant. Is a malefic and impotent, belongs to a low or mixed caste. Earthy planet, likes bitter things. Cheat, tale-bearer, quarrelsome, stubborn, lazy and cruel. Labourer. The malignant planet, Sani is called the star of sorrow. He is of old age. Causes re-marriage, has owl's eyes, rotten nails, rotten hair, over eats. He is of Tamasic temperament, wears torn cloth.

Saturn is the son of Sun and Chhaya. Saturn is a planet, which has been much, wronged and was cursed by his own wife and celestial mother Parvati. In fact after realizing her mistake Maa Parvati gave a boon to Saturn that no important event in the life of a person will occur unless Saturn gives his divine sanctity to that work either by transit or aspect to such relevant house.

In astrology Saturn is general significator for laziness, obstruction, older people, elephant, skin, gain, proof or witness, distress, sickness, misunderstanding, misery, death, happiness through a woman, maid servant, asses and mules, outcaste, one with disfigured limbs, haunting woods, handsome look, gift, a lord, a portion of life, eunuch, one born of the lowest caste, birds, the three sacred fires, a servile duty, unrighteous conduct, one without manliness, telling lies, long lasting, wind, old age, tendons and muscles, strong at the end of the day, Shishir Ritu or winter, great-anger, exertion, born of a very low mother.

If Saturn be strong in a horoscope, makes the native shy, averse to society, careful of his affairs and family, fanciful, and subtle for his own ends.
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