Mercury is heir-apparent or prince. Mercury is the planet closest to the Sun in our Solar System. This small, rocky planet has almost no atmosphere. Mercury has a very elliptical orbit and a huge range in temperature. During the long daytime (which lasts 58.65 Earth days or almost an entire Mercurian year, which is 88 days long), the temperature is hotter than an oven; during the long night (the same length), the temperature is colder than a freezer

Mercury was born out of association of Moon and Tara the wife of Brihaspati, the Deva guru. The story is that Moon abducted Tara and took refuse in the Ashram of Shukra. The guru of Asuras. After all the gods appealed for the better judgement to Moon he understood his mistake. A remorseful moon returned Tara to Brihaspati. Tara was carrying Moon’s child. The child was duly delivered. The child was very beautiful. Tara had disclosed the paternity to Brihaspati who in a brahmanical forgiving gesture accepted the inevitable.

Mercury represents speech. Benefic when associated with benefics, malefic when associated with malefics. He is shudra by caste and is impotent. He is of middle stature, kind words, colour of grass. Possesses thick skin, is windy, bilious and phlegmatic. Rajasic temper. An airy planet. Well-informed & courageous. He is of tender age and gives a vigorous and active mind and good memory. By nature he is cold, dry & melancholy.

Generally Mercury signifies Education, treasury, mathematics, wisdom, speech, Brahmin, infantry, writing, new garment, palatial building, green colour, sculpture, astrology, pilgrimage to holy places, wise lectures, temple, trading, best ornaments, courteous speech, Vedanta philosophy, maternal-grand-father, bad dreams, facing North, skin, wet, bell-metal, renunciation, Ritu, a beautiful house, doctor, neck, influencing through recitation of mantras, child, crooked look, heaven, modesty, paternal relation, fear.

If not well placed in horoscope, makes the native mean, cunning, thief, messenger or a servant.
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