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Mars is commander-in-chief in Indian astrology, this is the red planet, is the fourth planet from the sun and the most Earth-like planet in our solar system. It is about half the size of Earth and has a dry, rocky surface and a very thin atmosphere.

He represents the physical strength in man. He is cruel, malefic and male of Kshatriya caste, of tyrannizing temper, wicked, a little tall, and always young. Bad habits and of unsteady temperament. He is a fiery planet. Likes astringent taste. He has sparkling eyes and is of a fiery complexion. His constitution is healthy. Has a sharp and cruel eye. Young body, generous, of unsteady mind, a narrow waist and has strong marrow in his bones. Wears partly burnt cloth, likes bitter and sour taste.

According to Hindu Mythology Mars is considered as Bhumiputra. He is considered to be the son of mother Earth. It is said that when earth was lying submerged in vast expanse of the sea. Lord Vishnu in his Varaha Avatar lifted the earth and brought it out and placed it in a suitable orbit. Mother earth was grateful and asked for a feminine boon. O God give me a child of yours. To which God agreed. Mars is the result of this godly union with the rescued Earth. One such story relates to Mars being the son of Lord Shiva and mother earth

Mars generally signifies sports, land, strength, carrying arms for the battle, Kingship, loss of virility, thief, battle, hostility, enemy, generosity, love for deep red colour things, owning a garden, sound of a trumpet, affection, quadruped, king, fool, anger, going to a foreign country, firmness, supporter, fire, controversy, bile, heat, wound, service under a ruler, day, sky, seeing, shortness, disease, fame, tin, sword, lance or spear, minister, fracture of a limb, jewel.
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