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Ketu is known as the dragon's tail, which gives birth to comets and meteors and is known as the descending or the south node of Moon.

Ketu is also a shadowy planet. Catches snakes and is a sanyasin, goes on begging, is of a mixed caste, knows mantras, is a physician, grateful but cunning, makes pilgrimages, practices Yoga, has divine strength and helps in going to salvation.

Ketu is a significator for worship of God Chandeesa, God Ganesha and many other gods, doctor, dog, a cook, vulture, salvation, all kinds of wealth, consumption, pain, fever, bathing in the Holy Ganges, great penance, wind, a Hunter, friendship, conferring of prosperity, stone, wound, witchcraft, inconstancy, knowledge of Brahma, belly, eye-sore, stupidity, thorn, deer, knowledge, observing silence as a fast, philosophy, all sorts of luxuries, luck, trouble from enemies, loss of appetite, indifference to the world, paternal grandfather, hunger, severe stomachache, boil sand the like skin troubles, revoking the orders of arrest and, the association of Sudra.
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