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Jupiter is the fifth and largest planet in our solar system. This gas giant has a thick atmosphere, 39 known moons, and a dark, barely-visible ring. Its most prominent features are bands across its latitudes and a great red spot (which is a storm).

Jupiter is prime minister. Benefic planet, male, Brahmin by caste, has eyes of the colour of honey, intelligent, stout body, phlegmatic nature, white colour, possesses gold coloured hair. Satwic by temperament, an earthy planet, is of bright yellow colour. He is mild, lover of truth, charitable, righteous, God-fearing, helps others, merciful, sacrificing etc. He is the planet of joy and hope, sympathy, and true generosity. Makes a person conservative, catholic, orthodox and formal.

Jupiter is the Guru of Devtas. His father is Maharishi Angira. Maharishi’s wife got the knowledge and procedures of performing the vrata from Sanat Kumars for having a son. She performed the vrata with complete devotion and the Gods were satisfied and a son was born in their house. The son was the lord of wisdom Jupiter.

In astrology Jupiter is significator for Son Or Daughter, Guru, one’s duty, Chariot, cow, infantry, savings, Meemamsa, treasure, horse, curd, etc. large body, Valour, reputation, logic, astrology, son, grandson, dropsy, wealth of elephants, philosophy, great grand-fathers, palatial house, gems, eldest brother, grand father, Lord Indra, cold season, wrath, jewel, merchant, physical health, a beautiful mansion, royal honour, thigh, Gods, penance, charity, religious duty, helping others.

If Jupiter strong in a horoscope he makes the native jovial, religious and honest.
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